“Next time, we bring the drill…”

Today was moving-the-boxes day, meaning we didn’t have enough space in our apartment to pack more boxes so we rented a little cargo van for a small haul.  It was so nice to spend such a sunny day outside at the new house.
We still managed to knock out a couple to dos from our list!  Matt and I raced to complete the new doorknobs on the front door and garage using our own methods, mine being the figure-it-out-as-you-go method and his being read the instructions. Needless to say…Matt won.  And finished mine…
But! While he was working on mine, I took my screwdriver to a couple other projects around the house.  There were some pretty intense shutters on the kitchen window that came down, a very large screwed in bar sign on our pantry-gone.  And my personal favorite, the ol’ wooden shelf that completely blocks the room. 

We managed to loosen the bottom shelf part easily enough, but the top part was mysteriously nailed in…

So we thought, hey! Maybe this is one of those things that you can just kick down! No, no it isn’t. Don’t try it, is what I’d tell myself in the picture above…

…or this might happen. Ohhh well!  We’ll get to that when we go to fix our popcorn walls in a week or so. Anyway that’s all for today, tomorrow is moving day!


Slightly Less Sh*tty

Hi!!!! First blog post, alright! Matt and I just bought our first house (yayyyy!!!) and I thought it’d be super fun to write a blog that follows the progress of all the projects we’ve got planned. I guess you could say I’m basically the Joanna Gaines of Pearland (…no, you could definitely NOT say that).

The name ‘Slightly Less Sh*tty’ comes from this past summer when Matt came to my school to help me renovated the closets in my classroom. Are they a little slanted? Sure. Is there a massive hole in the bottom of the closet? Perhaps. But I’ll tell ya, it’s a LOT better than it was and the kiddos love it. Matt said if we had our own HGTV show, that would be the name, ergo, the name of our blog.

Stay tuned for more updates!! It’s moving weekend, so a lot going on!